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Here in YaloYoga we care about the planet!! Did you know that cotton is the most abundantly produced natural fiber in the world?

It is estimated that 25 million tons of cotton are produced every year. Yet, synthetic fibers are widely beating natural fibers in the clothing industry market. While synthetic fibers make up about  70% of the market, cotton at around 29% and wool only 1%.

The impact of synthetic use in the clothing industry is destructive for the planet! Clothing that contains synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon contributes to microplastic pollution, which can end up in the ocean and the seafood that humans eat! The production of synthetic fabric requires a large amount of chemicals and results in toxic waste and emissions. Polyester and nylon both emit nitrous oxide, a colorless gas that's 300 times worse for the environment than carbon dioxide.

This is why in Yalo we only use Cotton! Cotton is highly absorbent which makes it comfortable against the skin. It is a strong and durable fabric and it’s easy to care for. And most importantly, it has the advantage of being a completely natural product, meaning it’s biodegradable! But choosing any cotton doesn’t guarantee you an eco-friendly fabric! 

In today’s world, there are GMO cotton seeds, which are resistant to most pests, yet contain  Bt toxins and do not reproduce and therefore create their own seeds, meaning they are only for one harvest! Yet, even GMO cotton seeds still require a lot of chemical pesticides to be used by farmers, including petroleum scours, heavy metals, flame retardants, ammonia, and formaldehyde, not only putting the health of the farmers in danger, but also remaining in the cotton itself, and can be detected in our clothes long after the cotton is processed and turned into fabric! 

This is why in Yalo we always make sure that our products are made with organic cotton! To product you, protect the environment and protect the farmers!  

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