Why Do We All Need a Set of Metal Straws

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Take a wild guess and tell us how many drinking straws are being used daily around the world! We can't hear the number you are guessing but we know that it is probably not even close!! Research shows that 500 million drinking straws are being used daily in the US alone! What's sad is that all those single use plastic is ending up in our oceans! 



Plastic pollution is a growing problem and it affects the marine life drastically, harming the sea animals, changing the plankton, creating a mucus like formation on the sea beds and ending up in the seafood that us humans consume! 

The problem is big, yet, the solution is very light and small!! Only by carrying your own reusable drinking straws, it is possible to save over 500 plastic straws, all by yourself! 



The use of plastic straws are also very practical! They are are light and they come in cotton drawstring bag, making it very easy to carry. They also come with a cleaning brush which make them so easy to clean and re-use wherever you are!

In contrary to common belief, they don’t leave a metal aftertaste in your mouth. Actually a lot of people report that their drinks taste better coming from a metal straw. And we can guarantee you will taste the lightness of knowing you are doing your part for the environment.

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