Meet Artemis, Yalo's Founder

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Yalo Yoga is a small sustainable yoga brand based in Sweden, but have you ever wondered who is behind this small brand? Whose vision and whose values does Yalo represent? That would be Artemis, our lovely founder and the one woman show behind it all! We wanted you to get to know her a little bit, so you understand our brand way better! So here she is!




Q: Artemis, tell us a little about yourself...

A: I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. A big city, full of many stories. In my youth I was a successful figure skater, it was my biggest passion, from the first moment I stepped on the ice at the age of 3.  During the 12 years I was actively skating I had an exciting career, as a member of the Greek National Team, I have competed in many competitions around the world, achieved many distinctions, winning the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place many times. When I'm on ice I feel free, I feel like a bird that just learned how to fly.  


Q: When did you come to Sweden? What made you live here?

My life in Sweden begin in 2012, when I had an opportunity to work in Stockholm, and I just grabbed it by the hair (we both laugh a little here). Being new in the country, not knowing the language have all been challenges but I worked in different jobs, in different sectors, been working as a personal assistant and helping people with special needs. When I came to Sweden, I had no plans of starting a business or creating something from the scratch, but life is full of surprises. 

Sweden is also where I met my husband, and where we created our two beautiful, healthy children, who bring joy to our days and warm our evenings, filling everyday with love. After I met my husband and after having two healthy and beautiful children together, we both started to feel this urge to create something that will provide a better future for our children. As if our children gave us this power to create and grow for them, for ourselves and for our family. Together we created two sustainable businesses and I am so happy and grateful to see them grow.


Q: Why did you decide to make yoga mats?

A: I have discovered the magic of yoga, about two years after the birth of my first baby. I wasn't feeling great at the time and a friend of mine recommended me to give yoga a try. And that's how my yoga journey began. I love yoga and it calms me down and helps me to come to a positive state of mind. This was about when I wanted to create an online business, so creating Yalo, making yoga products was the natural result I guess...

Q: What was your inspiration while creating the brand "Yalo"?

A: As I said, I grew up in Greece. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to be at the beach and swim in the warm crystal clear waters for hours... I have to admit when I was a little girl I sometimes even imagined I was mermaid... (At this point, I can't help but remark how sweet that is!)

Yalos means shoreline in Greek. So you tell that the sea has inspired me a lot for Yalo, not only in the name but also, the wa I design the products, the way everything works in flow...

Q: Why did you choose cork? 

Cork aligns with my values! First of all I love everything that the mother nature has to offer us and I want to protect some of the resources of the planet, so we leave our children a world that they can live in...  Cork is a very unique material in the sense that it is natural, durable, sustainable, it is safe for even children...  On a more personal level, I also love creating beautiful things. So cork was perfect, good for the planet and pleasing for the eye... 



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