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Here in YaloYoga we care about the planet! This is why we make sure that all our products are made from natural materials, like cork, cotton and rubber! We don;t know if you have noticed but we use a strong rubber layer in the bottom of all our mats, to give you that perfect stability and grip against the floor! Why? Because rubber is strong, durable and water resistant. 

Natural rubber comes from the rubber tree and it's harvested by hand, making incisions into the tree bark by hand and extracting the fluid into the vessels which the harvesters attach previously to to the tree. This is called tapping. This process is part of the tree’s natural growing process and it does not harm the tree. Then, through a natural process this fluid is converted into the form we know and love, and is used to make the bottom of our beautiful mats!

Rubber is a gift of the mother earth! It is great material to use in yoga mats because it is non-toxic, it is sustainable, it is recyclable and eco-friendly! And it provides you soft and good cushioning without compromising the grip against any surface! Rubber surfaces have been proven to reduce fatigue and foot injuries! 

So you can see that rubber aligns so well with our values! It doesn't harm the planet while still providing you all the performance and beauty you are looking for in a yoga mat! 

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