Yalo Yoga

About Yalo Yoga
Yalo Yoga is a small company based in Sweden. Here at Yalo Yoga, we design and create durable, functional yoga products that respect the environment and yogis’ skin. Our design combines the Scandinavian aesthetic with a Mediterranean accent. All Yalo Yoga products are made with sustainable, ethically sourced, natural materials that you can safely use, without feeling guilty about the impact on the environment. This is why we chose cork! Besides its amazing natural properties such as being anti-bacterial and durable, it also provides a sweat induced grip that really elevates your yoga practice. This way we aim to provide you support both in your asana practice and ahimsa practice. 
Our Story
Behind this vision is one woman, our founder Artemis, who started Yalo Yoga in 2020 from her living room. Artemis was born and raised in Athens, where she fell in love with movement as a figure skater from very early ages! She first met and fell in love with ice when she was only 3 years old and she had a successful career as a national figure skater, winning many competitions around the world! Unfortunately, the only ice ring in Greece closed down when she was 15 years old, which put an end to her career in figure skating. She still remembers how she felt so free on the ice, like a bird that just got her wings. She says that as a kid, she loved practicing her jumps and whenever she couldn’t do one, she kept pushing until she could, she simply wouldn’t leave the ice! Fast forward to 2012, Artemis came to Sweden after being offered a job opportunity by her old figure skating coach, in Stockholm. She grabbed this opportunity by the hair, and made herself a life in Sweden, working many different jobs, in different sectors, keeping alive that same spirit which wouldn’t give up. She met her husband in Sweden and had her beautiful children, a daughter and a son. Sweden is also where she discovered the magic of yoga, a few years after the birth of her first baby. She soon realized the great benefits of yoga on her physical and mental wellbeing and wanted to share her passion for yoga with the world, and started to think how she could do that. 
Growing up in Greece, Artemis had always been around the sea, appreciating the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Seeing the plastic pollution taking over those crystal clear waters, turning them into a childhood memory and thinking that her children won’t be able to enjoy the same joys of the ocean as she did growing up, really touched a nerve in Artemis’ core. 
Knowing that certain yoga products are made from materials that are part of this problem, she had to make sure no matter what she did, her product, her passion for yoga wouldn’t contribute to this pollution. This is why she chose to create cork yoga products and name her company Yalo - meaning seashore in Greek. Combining her passion for yoga with her passion for the ocean, she founded Yalo Yoga!
Our Vision
At YaloYoga, we believe that harmony and balance are essential. We strive to create timeless, practical and essential products that will be a companion on your journey to wellness and balance. Quality and comfort are at the heart of our vision, while our respect for the environment, life and moments of joy remain the same. Our range of products are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, elevating your yoga practice and reflecting your values. Together, let's create a future of harmony and balance, and make every moment count!


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