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Here in YaloYoga we care about the planet!! Did you know that cork is incredibly sustainable?

During the harvest of the cork, the trees are not cut down but only the outer bark of the cork oak’s trunk is carefully stripped by hand. It is a skilled trade that is being passed down over generations! Experienced cork strippers also use a specialized cork axe to peel the cork away from the tree. After each harvest, the cork bark regenerates itself - which is a process during which the tree absorbs CO2 - and a cork oak can be harvested every 9 - 12 years after it reaches the age of 25. Given that a cork tree lives 100-300 years, that means plenty of harvests in a single cork oak tree’s life time!

The cork has a hard outer layer that is resistant to fungus, water damage and mold, making cork a durable material, however, most cork products take only 3-10 years to biodegrade after being disposed.

This is why we choose to produce cork products! To give you a yoga mat that is natural, non- toxic, anti-bacterial, durable, eco-friendly by being sustainably sourced and biodegradable, durable, with great grip and also aesthetically pleasing… What more could we ask from a material!

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