Home Yoga Practice Essentials

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It is always practical to bring your practice home, specially now, with all the risks attached to being in a crowded room with other people, and all the restrictions in place. Home practice gives you freedom to schedule your practice when it suits you the most. It gives you the opportunity to address your own, daily needs. So what do you need to have to start your home yoga practice?

1- Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is essential for a home yoga practice to protect your knees, your elbows and your skin from the hard floor. Your mat also provides you with grip, which helps you maintain the correct poses and alignments in poses. Our cork yoga mats provide you sweat activated grip without harming the environment or exposing you to toxic materials. 



2- Props

In a yoga class you are usually provided with a set of blocks and a yoga strap. The purpose of the props is to help you when you need a little extra support for certain positions in yoga. If you find it difficult to sit crossed legs, or reach the floor, you can grab your blocks to help you. If you can't reach to your foot in mermaid or bow pose, your strap is your savior. Our cork blocks are a best seller and they can firmly support you in any pose with great grip, durability and weight. Our multi purpose yoga mat carrier strap, also serves as a yoga strap and it comes with your mat. 
3- Your Yoga
If you are a seasoned yogi, you might want to go with your own flow and create your own sequences, but if you are new, you might find yourself struggling to decide which poses should come after the other, or what poses to practice at all. Or may be you just need some inspiration. Go online or get yourself a yoga book and start following a yoga routine.
4- Yourself
No matter what props you have, or whether you have a good gripping, sweat drinking, sustainable yoga mat, and the best teacher behind that screen telling you to "bring your right leg forward", yoga wouldn't do itself! It is you who has to show up on the mat and put that effort. It can be hard sometimes to find that motivation and dedication in yourself, specially at home, where you have all kinds of distractions lined up. If you struggle with motivation or sparing enough time, having the right set up and the right equipment definitely helps to stay committed to yourself!

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