Why Cork Blocks?

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Blocks are very useful for supporting our practice in many different ways! They can support and improve our practice dramatically, as well as providing a safe practice. There are different materials that are used in producing blocks but the best ones are made from cork. Read on if you want to know why!


Natural Material

The YaloYoga cork blocks are made from 100% natural,  eco-friendly cork, to support sustainable use of resources. Cork is a hygienic material with naturally antimicrobial/antibacterial properties. It is odorless unlike certain types of foam or plastic and it doesn't smell with use and absorbing sweat. 

Stability and Support

Our cork blocks provide more for your practice with their hard surface and strong feel. The slip-resistant surface layer helps you stay in your pose, their hard surface provides a more stable support compared to foam, yet, their surface is softer and more comfortable against the body compared to wooden blocks. Therefore, cork blocks are a great addition to your arm balance and flexibility practice. Cork blocks can also provide weight for certain exercises, to provide a more efficient strength practice. 


Suitable for All Levels & All Styles

Our YaloYoga cork blocks suitable for beginners, advanced yoga practitioners and everyone in between, as well as for yoga teachers. Cork blocks are also ideal for all yoga styles: from Iyengar to Bikram, from Kundalini to Hatha, from Ashtanga to Vinyasa, as well as for simply stretching, exercising and practicing balance poses.


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